Better to lend then play with Splinterlands cards?


How much do you earn in two seasons of Splinterlands? If you just see the value of earned cards and DEC?

Is it 1 USD – or maybe 10 ?

For me it is about 2-4 USD in 2 seasons. That tells me that I should not play anymore – and lend out my cards instead. That would be a faster way to more money.

Lend – about 3 % in 30 days
The market for rent end lend is different in each card but in 30 days I get 3 % of the value of the card
So if I lend a card with value 10 USD I get 0,3 USD in two seasons,

With cards for 200 USD
I have cards for 200USD and if I sell them and then buy expensive cards maybe the value will be 120 USD. But then it is more easy to lend them.
With a value of 120 USD I should get 3,6 USD in 2 seasons. About what I get today by playing, and playing and playing.

BULL or BEAR at crypto??
The second questeion to think about is – IS crypto in a bear or bull market? In bull-market the value of crypto tend to raise faster than the value of Steemmonstercards (because they are in USD).

Just for now I think it is a Bullmarket and I do not play much. But – I will keep my cards, do not play much and only lend some of the cards every season. Obviosly the worst choice.

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