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I started to write guides in may 2018. One guide every week. This is what I got so far.
Please tell me if you want me to write about something special in the future.



Extremely easy “mining” on a smartphone that doesn’t affect the phone’s memory or productivity. Brings a few dollars a month.

Electroneum’s website | My guide


Mining in the web browser. Either in your own browser or in your website’s visitors’ browsers. The had their ICO during spring–summer 2018, so it’s a new currency. It has brought about USD $50 in three months. New currencies are always riskier.

JSE-coin’s website | My guide


Mining of Monero in the web browser. Very low earnings, but first and foremost it’s quite complicated to transfer the coins to your own wallet. So I recommend “Mining STEEM” instead (se the next section).

Coinwebmining’s website | My guide

“Mining STEEM”

A service that mines Monero that immediately gets converted into STEEM and sent to your account on Steem. You can get a fraction of a penny if you let your computer stay on overnight. Mining happens in the web browser and is incredibly easy to start. I get between half a cent and a cent per night.

Minnowsmith.party | My guide

Universal Basic Income (UBI)


Get cryptocurrency MANNA once a week without doing anything other that registering. Small earnings, but almost no effort required. One of the most serious UBI projects.

Mannabase website | My guide


Similar to Manna, as it’s a free cryptocurrency that anyone, who verified their identity with an officially-issued ID, can get. You need to “claim” your share of the currency once a week in order to maximise your earnings. A very simple registration process and an opportunity to buy and sell things for Swift directly on the website.

SwiftDemand | My guide


Worldopo – like Pokémon Go, but you earn crypto

Go outside and gather gems – just like you hunt monsters in Pokémon Go! Use them to build up your own “empire” within the game and earn cryptocurrency. I call it “Earn & Burn” (earn crypto while burning calories).

WorldOpo’s website | My guide


Invest free money in cryptocurrency and demonstrate your skills in trading. Prizes can include different tokens or a well-established cryptocurrency. Often it’s a way for new cryptocurrencies to market themselves. I give it a good grade for its nice design, smooth service and because it’s free.

Altcoinfantasy’s website |Guide is coming



Do microtasks like “Like us on Facebook” or “Join this Airdrop” or “Leave a comment under this post”. Get Superiorcoins as a reward for each task. Exchange your coins for another cryptocurrency on an exchange or use them on Kryptonica to “buy” interactions with others. Maybe you want to get more readers of your blog? Or for people to click on ads on your website and so on.

I recommend it first and foremost as a way to drive traffic to blogs or to get low-cost interactions on websites.

Kryptonia’s website | Guide is coming


A services owned by Coinbase and therefore very seriously constructed. Earn Bitcoin by filling in surveys, get information from different companies, follow them on Twitter/Telegram and so on. High earnings compared to the required efforts. I got USD $3 during my first two weeks. My input was max 15 minutes. I recommend!

Earn’s website | Guide is coming



A faucet entirely free of advertisement. Here one can get a very small amount of those cryptocurrencies that are based on the Waves blockchain. First and foremost it’s a way to discover new mini-cryptocurrencies or to get free cryptocurrencies and then hope for a strong upswing in price. Simple, smooth and fast. One of my favourites, even though the earnings are extremely small.

Wavedrop’s website | My guide


A simple faucet that can be activated to pay out 0.02 DOGE every ten minutes. Ads-based. Is it profitable? No, I don’t think so, since one has to accumulate a larger amount before a withdrawal is possible.

Autofaucet’s website | My guide

Superiorcoin Faucet

A simple faucet free from ads for the cryptocurrency Superiorcoin. Pays out 1 coin per minute. It’s much more profitable to earn Superiorcoin directly on Kryptonia – but this faucet can be used as a complement. Withdrawal is possible from 10 coins.

Superiorcoin Faucet’s website | Guide is coming

Faucet Hub

A large number of faucets that allow the earnings accumulate on one user account at Faucet Hub. In this way you can collect a larger amount faster, before you transfer it to your own wallet. Here you can also find lists of multiple faucets to use. Most of them are strongly ads-based and I recommend none of them.

Faucet Hub’s website



A debit card that lets you pay in crypto. Get 0.5% cryptoback on everything that you buy offline. The cryptoback is paid in Bitcoin.



Get paid in crypto every time you search on Google (via Presearch). Good compensation levels in relation to the time spent. But it required a great number of searched before withdrawal is possible.

Presearch | My guide


SteemMonster is like a normal collector’s card game – but with an unusual twist. The cards are digital and live on the Steem blockchain. Buy, sell, exchange or play and level up your cards. The game itself is similar to “Magic: the Gathering” or “Pokémon Card Game”.


Earn crypto by blogging about crypto

In order to market their cryptocurrency many offer bounties to those who blog about it. I have tested a few and got a few dozen cents per blog post. But there are also those who offer significantly larger amounts – but they require deeper analyses.

Read my blog post about it here


What’s an airdrop? How much can you earn on those and how does it work? A guide for how you get started with getting your crypto from airdrops.