If you invest in Piggericks – My 3 best advise

To invest money in new games is a huge risk. I know that. But also , it is fun and excitning to see how the devs doing the game better and better. This is my Journey with this game

Today I will share my 3 best advise if you want to invest in this game – And tell you ”my money” so far.

1. 30 USD is the magic limit

You have to spend 30 USD in an account to use 2 services in game. First the butcher . With butcher you can kill your pigs and get in-game-money Grunt.
Second – you can send pigs to other players. This is obviosly a very important limit because if you dont spend this money – you can not sell your pigs…

If you believe in this game and its future – then you can spend 30 USD directly. If you are not sure, start an free account and play a lot. That day when you know that you can sell your pigs for a lot of money you spent your 30USD to reach that limit.

2 Start an account at a new hive-account

If you dont want to pay 30 USD – think about to start your pigge-account with a new hive-account. Why? Because you can play a lot with it and one day sell the account. Maye it is worth 35 USD and someone whants to buy it for 20 USD. Thats good. Much better then keep it and need to spend 30 USD to get possibility to send the pigs.

If you play Splinterland you know that it is similar there. A starting account get some cards that you can not send to anothter. Thats why it is better to start a new account so you can sell it and give away the keys.

3. Dont get angry if you can not sell your Grunt or Pigs

There is one question that a lot of players says in Discord. How to sell my pigs or Grunt? I can understand it because they want to make money of the game. But just now you only can sell pigs in discord. (if you have spent 30USD).
So you can not cash out????
Well – think about SPlinterland the first year. You could buy cards, trade cards with other but no DEC and Hive-engine cash-out way. Here it is simmiliar but just now you can just trade in Discord because the price of gas in ETH is so high that the shoppingmall at Ethereum is not a option.

4 Bonus – Get bonus when you can

My way to earn money in the game is most in contest. Join the discord, follow piggricks and join the contest. But also – try to level up the pigs – you never know when you can sell them. I have sold some for total almost 20 HBD.

What have happen since last blogpost?
I have won 7 hive in a contest ”play as much as you can**. Well, that is money but not so much. But I have also sold 6 pigs for total 16 HBD. I did it in Discord Channel.

5 Start a free account and never use the shop

You can start an account for free. If you tell admin in Discord they will give you a free pig family. If you want more pigs DONT buy it in store. There is a lot of players (including me) who can sell pigs under the shop-price. Just tell me…


Money so far
50 Hive – Contest, play as much as you can
60 Hive – Contest – show me your ugly pig
7 Hive – Play as much as you can contest
Sold pigs 2,5 HBD
Sold pigs 16 HBD


  • 110 Hive (27,5 USD)
  • 18,5 HBD (18,5 USD)


Follow – Upvoe – Rehive
I invested 50 USD to this game in the beginning. So will I loose the money or will the pigs make me a millionaire? Follow me and I will tell you my steps in this game in my blog.