Steemmonster- My fight with Twisted Jester


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Here is one of my fights – with focus at Twisted Jester.

My Line-Up

**Elven Defender**
A big tank and my wish is that this one will survive as long time as possible. Because the back-line is not strong i life.

**Twisted Jester** – Aims 2 with snipe
**Mantoid**- Aims 2 with snipe
**Undead Archer** – most because it is cheap…But it can make very good IF your opponent use healing, not this time…
**Creeping ozy** – I only have one mana left so nothing else to choose…

My Strategy

I like to play with a big tank and then sneak-cards to attack the backline. This time I tried with snipe-cards instead. The idea is to hold the frontline and attack the weaker behind.

BUT – with sneak I know where the attack will be. With snipe I can not be sure where the attack will be.
Sneak – ALwasy last card
Snipe – Target monster with some special abilities.

The match
You can see the fight at the link above.
This is the weakness with strategy with snipe or sneak. If the opponent break your tank – you are probably dead. I like to have heal or a second tank. But this time the mana was to low.
I like the idea of hitting other cards than the frontcard. But it need a stabile and good tank that you can trust.

Focus at Twister

This post, and match, has fokus at Twisted Jester. Do I play it and why?
Well – I do not like black. As you can see I only have level 1. It has two reasons.
1. Black is has very cool figure.
So when my son goes in to my account he decide to take them to his account. He wants cool and angry figures. Love the dragons!
2. I play most with green. Have always done. Will always do.

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