Making value to a shitcoin with airdrop (My investment in air)


Of course I like airdrops – Who does not like free money. I can also realize that airdrops is a good way to make a buzz around a new coin. I have joined some and get some shitcoin (mostly). But last one was “A lesson to make value of air”

How to participate

As usual I needed to join some telegramgroup to get some coins. And after that answer some question about the coin to get some more. AND of course if I could refer someone I should get more. As usual.

The last step was “Now you only need to buy 10 of xxx-coin and you will get all the coins that you have earn in the small quests and as a bonus 10 extra coin”
100 % profit – or?
I just have to buy 10 and I will get 10 for free! This coins I should get in 10 days. That’s awesome. What a good way to double up my money in some minutes. Or?

It was at this point I was thinking of what the team behind this coin really did (or just could do).
They can start a coin and a crowdfunding to it. Selling the coins at an exchange so the value goes up if more want to buy. Now it has a tradingvalue.

But is so easy to be listed? No not listed but you can still offer airdrops and trading. There is some exchanges that have a kind of waiting-list to the real exchange. (crowdfunding) To show how seriously this teams are LA token give them 0-5 points. So with 0 points a team has not tell them token issuer, founders, teammembers, advisors or ppartnersships. That is not more left to say. This is three of the crowdfundings with ZERO trustpoints.


They can now put sell orders and wait for the airdrop-hunters.
I will buy 10 of the coins and be happy because I will get more 10 days later. I will also refer a lot of my friends. Who don’t want to get free money?

So thoose who sell the coins will sell a lot and the price will go up. That is also very good for me because I have my 10 coins and soon the double.

After 10 days – when I got my extra coin I want to make some profit. As a lot of others. The price will drop dramatically because nobody really know some good way to use this shitcoin.
Someone had made a good amount of money. I am sitting at 20 useless shitcoins and realize that paying money to get 100 % more can be the same as paying money and get 100 % more of nothing.
The journey goes on

Still I just think this is a way to make value to a coin just by air. By airdrop. I lost 0,2 USD so dont cry for me. It was a cheap lesson.