Splinterlands – DeFi – Blockchain = Ger bra avkastning

Are you collecting DEC to buy a good card in the future? Use your DEC to farming CUB – sell the CUB – and get more DEC. A quicker way to get more DEC so you can buy your cards faster. I will try to make a guide here:

First you need  an account at Splinterlands. If you dont have any yet – you can go by my link here – https://splinterlands.com?ref=minimining

*(This post is specially for two of my friends that play Splintrlands but not yet has started to farming and get more money from the DEC they earn )*

Second you need to play some so you got a lot of DEC. I usually want 100 000 DEC before I go farming. But that is up to you what you want.

Use metamask and settings for Binance chain

If you have not used metamask before I suggest you go for a Youtube tuturial to start a wallet. Or you check this tuturial


Now you need to connect metamask to Binance chain. A good tuturial you can find here https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/connecting-metamask-to-binance-smart-chain Go to ”Configure the wallet”

Or use this settings directly.

Network Name: Smart Chain
New RPC URL: https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/
ChainID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL: https://bscscan.com

Connect Metamask Binance Chain to Splinterland

Go to your account at Splinterlands. Click at your name and then choose Link External Wallet.

Here you choose ”Binance Smart Chain” and enter your adress. If you dont know your adress you can go to Metamask and see it in the top. It starts with Ox……. Just click on it and you have copy it. Then you can past it in the game.

Withdraw DEC

Go to the mainview in game and click at your amount of DEC. You will come to this (see below).

Choose Binance Smart Wallet and how much you want to withdraw.
Click Transfer Out. In some seconds you will see the balance in metamask.

GO to https://cubdefi.com/
Connect you Metamask wallet. See a button in the top.


Swap half to BUSD

To be able to farm CUB you need to put your DEC in a DEC-BUSD pool. SO….you need some BUSD.
Here comes a small problem. To make a transaction you need BNB in your wallet. But maybe you only have DEC…..Tell me in comment your BNB-adress and I send you some fractoin of a BNB so you can make your swaps. No worry.

*If you dont have BNB – get some small from some kind person – then make a small swap from DEC to BNB so your wallet no longer will be empty of BNB*


Go here https://exchange.cubdefi.com/#/swap

Click Unlock wallet and confirm in metamask.
Make the swap and confirm in metamask.

Choose to swap HALF of you DEC. So you now have same amount (in dollar) in DEC and in BUSD.


Add Liquidity

Go here https://exchange.cubdefi.com/#/pool
choose DEC and BUSD

Unlock wallet and confirm in metamask
Choose MAX in DEC and the amount of BUSD will automaticly be show up.
Click Deposit and confirm in metamask.

You you are a Liquidity Provider in Cub FInance. Now lets farm some CUB



Go here
Go down at this site and you will find this

Unlock wallet – confirm with metamask
Deposit – Choose Max – Confirm with metamask

Get CUB – Sell CUB – Get DEC

Every minute you will get a small amount of CUB. You can easy see how the amount go bigger and bigger day to day. You can FARM your CUB when you want and keep it, sell it or swap it. In this exampel you want to swap it to DEC (because the keypoint was to make your DEC grow)
So after 30 days you click HARVEST and get som CUB in to your metamask wallet. You go to SWAP (now you know how to do a swap) and you can swap your CUB to DEC.
REmember that all CUB you get is only ”free money”. Your DEC and BUSD is still locked and you can withdraw it anytime.

Import DEC to game

Your DEC is farming CUB. You sell your CUB to DEC and get more DEC. When you want DEC to SPlinterlands again it is very easy.
Go to game and to DEC-transfer. Choose Transer IN – from Binance Chain.



Instead of just collect and collect DEC in game you can make your DEC working for you so you get more. CUb Finance is a service in Leo Finance and this service help you to swap, stake and farm your coins. I have used this service since beginning of april and think it is a very good way to increase my amount of DEC.

*(Risk: Do your own research and beware of inpermanent loss before you go for this service)*