Han tjänar krypto på att spela kort (Steemmonsters)

I min serie kring personer som tjänar pengar på kryptorelaterade produkter/tjänster har jag nu kommit till min vän ”Guurry123” som spelar Steemmonsters varje dag. Mest för att det är kul – men även för att tjäna pengar. 
1. You earn cryptocurrencie buy playing a card game. Whats the name of the game and short – how to play it?
I play a cardgame named Steemmonsters. I live to play as it’s a fun game and you earn also. Playing itself is learning.
It is a cardgame where you choose which monstercards that should battle against your opponents. You need to place the card in sequence and let them fight again other player.
As you play you go into more depth of abilities each card/monster has.
2. Can anybody join ? Do I need to pay some startfee?
You need a steem account and a starter kit (approx 10 USD) to play. If you don’t have nither account or starter pack then go on there official discord server you will get free promo code to create a account along with starter deck (free account)
3. How much do you play? How much do you earn?
I usually play from 2-3 hours a day. Weekend may be more then that. On average I earn 500 DEC per day equivalent to 0.5 USD. But I also win card that I can sell or use to upgrade my deck. I have choosen to only upgrade. If I get to higher levels I will earn more DEC and also win more cards.
4. Is this a good way of earning money or is it mostly a fun game to play?
It’s a fun game and you can earn also. If you want a big earning then you need big investment (to level up your cards)
5. How do you earn money?
There are many ways to make money out of the game. You earn DEC from every battle you won, which can be trade for steem. The reward cards you got fro completing your daily quest and from season end reward can also be trade in market. They have a bot where you can exchange the DEC for a good upvote on your steemit posts.