22% / year in Celsius – Good or Bad?

Celsius har ansökt om företagsrekonstruktion coh stängt av all verksamhet så länge. Har du tur får du pengar tillbaka…. Ta det försiktigt och kom ihåg – Not your keys….



I have been used Celsius to Hodl BTC, ETH and some other cryptos for 1,5 year. I like the app and that I get some extra money just to hodl. I know – DIFI is the thing right now and you get money almost everywhere just hodl – but so far I like celsius most.
BTC gives me about 4 %.
It has not been some ”25 % COME AND GET IT IT IS MAYBE LEGAL” and I appriciate that. This is a long term hodl service. But now you can get over 20 %…

If you hodl MATIC (never heard about it before) you get 16,16 % and if you want to get the rate in Celsiustoken you get 22,40 %. That is pretty much…

”Matic Network is a Layer 2 scaling solution backed by Binance and Coinbase that aims to provide a generalized Layer 2 platform, enabling Ethereum developers” According to the team, Matic is one of the fastest-growing DApp platforms in the space.”

Alright it looks good so far. It is 103 in Coinmarketcap. That tells med this is a big lottery if the value will go up or down. Not the biggest horse in the stable. But it is possible to buy it in Binance.
Still I do not like when it is SO HIGH rate. Why?

At the other hand – I need more Celsius tokens in my portfolio. If I have 100 USD in Matic I will get 22 USD in Celsius in a year.
If I have 100 USD in BTC I will get 4 USD in Celsius in a year.

So even if the value of MATIC drop some it will still give more back thanks the high rate.

Will you hodl MATIC or SNX (same rate) or stay at ”Big five”.