Is BroVest lottery a good investment? (1 ticket raffle inside)


Can a lottery be a good investment? I think so. It is all about chance and risk. Well – I know some of you do not agree with me but I have always thought about it that way. As long as I have ”the edge” at my sida I play…
So let us see what this lottery is and if it is a good investment…

About the lottery
Here you can read about the lottery –
Here is how to join
Send 1 HBD per ticket to @brovest, no memo required
No limit to how many tickets you can buy – No limit
Live Draw on Saturday the 19th at 11 PM UTC SEP

Here is what you can win
17 prizes with about at least 25 usd value each.

So it is a good investment or not?

If it is a good investment depends of how many tickets they will sell until 19 september.
I will here calculate whith 900 sold tickets.

17 chances to win
900 tickets
1 USD/ticket
900 USD in prizes

17/900 = 1,8 % chance to win at each ticket

Breakpoint is 900 sold tickets. If it is lower amount the chance is in your favour.
What do you think- will they sell more or less?
I think they will sell a lot. But 900 – I do not think so. So yes – it is a good investment (if you see investment like me – you can loose but go for it when the odds is at your side)

I like this way of thinking

Year 2004 I had no job. But I wanted to make money. I joined contest, do faucets and make sportarbitage. But always did a calculation first – is the chance worth the risk? Sure – I did not win every day but in long term I made good money, and won some good football-journeys. But more about that another time

Read more and join here. Lottery by @spinvest and @brovest.