UBI Good Dollar start to get some value

For about 1 week ago I wrote about the UBI-projekt GoodDollar that launched some weeks ago. Now have they open up a marketplace at Facebook which makes a value to the coin.
What is good?
What is bad?
What is the value?

What is Good?

UBI is Universial Basic Income. Get money everyday – without doing anything but log in to your account. But to let members get coins without have possibility to use them result in no value.
So now have a marketplace open up in Facebook.
People can sell anything (most digital stuff) and tell that they want for exampel 10 GD for it. So we have a market ! And when we have a market – we have a kind of value – OR?

We build your personal logotype – 30 GD
Folow me at Youtube and get GD – 2 GD
I draw a picture of a photo – 20 GD
One hour teaching spanich in zoom – 30 GD
I make stickers for Whatsapp! – 3GD
I send some photos of my dog to you – 2GD (This one I love most – Entrepreneur!!)

I can find a lot of works that take about 60 minutes to do at a rate of 20-40 GD.

What do you have to pay in your country for 1 hour work? Alright – I am not sure that spanish teacher are good or that drawing will be good, but for 20-40 GD it is extemly good – if I compare to my country.

What is Bad?

I have used UBI Swiftdemand before and also joined a microtask projekt (dont remember the name now) in steemit before. And the problem is the same. The spammers and thoose advertisement…
Or do you want to pay for…

I tell you advice in investing in crypto
I help you to make an account at Etoro (with my ref-link)
Start an account at PI and get 1% extra mining (A LOT OF THIS)
I help you make a lot of money online
And some more commercial for PI -network
I can show how to mine BTC in any computer (I feel sorry for that cpu)
Get 500USD free in token bla bla bla
and so on….

I have seen same problem at a swedish similar service where they offer people to sell microservices in digital way. One had to close down because this ads was all over the place and it was so hard to find something good.


If I wanted to learn spanish maybe I should try this out. I should never buy a logo or website from one person I do not know (TO afraid of copyright).
But say that I want to learn spanish and buy this lesson for 30 GB.
If I want to buy it from one person in Sweden I have to pay 15 USD without taxes or 30 USD with tax.
BUT I think that in other countries you can buy same lesson for 5 USD for an hour… So it is diffucullt to set an exact value.

The closest I can say is ”30GD seems to be value as 1 hour digital work”.

If you ask me I will not do 1 hour work under 500 GB – but that is me..