Why investment in DEC/ETH at Uniswap is very good…


I think it was very exciting to see DEC at Uniswap since about 7 days now. I read a post of Splinterland and decidid directly to invest in this Uniswap-pool. Because I see it as a very good investment – or more exactly, it CAN be a very good investment.

Uniswap – Share the fee

If someone make a trade at Uniswap the pay 0,3% at a fee. That fee will be distrubuted to all liquidy providers at that pool.
So – If I have contributed with 10 % of the pool I will get 10 % of the daily fee from all trades.
To get good return from the investment it need to be big volyme or/and I need to own a big part of the pool.

After first day I did get my part of the fees and that was about 8 % if I calculate it at annual yiel.

Is that good? Nope. Because I can get 7,5 % with Eth just to hold it in Celsius. Now I need to pay some fees and get almost the same.
BUT there is more – I DON´T GO FOR THE FEES

I think it will be a big pool and not so very high volyme. So I need to split the reward with a lot of people. The 8%/year I did get first day will go down (and it did very much)

0,1 % of pool = 1 Land

Here is the candy…
Every day Splinterland will take a timestamp and after 30 days give out 1000 pieces of Land to thoose who have been contributed to the pool during that time.
SO if I have 0,1 % of the pool I will get 1 Land (20USD) in a token that can be sold in Hive-engine.
Well – I do not think I will be able to sell it for 20 USD but maybe 15?

But is this what I want? NO – The big candy will come later.

Just now I have about 800 USD contributed. I talked with a friend (@scrooger) and we did a pool together.
Btw – Nice of him to trust a man living about 100000 miles away that he never had met before, and most sure never will meet in real life 🙂

Just now the pool is about 150 000 USD but SPlinterland will not count there contribution so it is about 100 000 USD left in the pool. We have 800 of them . That is almost 0,1 (if we calculate a little bit nice….)

15 USD for 800 USD

So, if we dont care about the fee (it will be very low anyway and not even close to the first day 8%/year. It looks like we can get one piece of land.
After 30 days we can get 15 USD for an investment of 800 USD
That is 1,8 %. WOW – thats a lot of ROI…not.


Not the fee, Not the Land. What do you want???

each 0.1% of the pool provided over the full 90 day period will also receive 100 free raffle tickets which will be tradeable tokens and can earn the holders some really valuable prizes

This is what I am aiming for.

So far we have payed 2000 DEC for transfer DEC from the game to Metamask and total 8 USD in gas fee (yes it was two transactions). So we can say 10 USD.
10 USD for the chance to win ”REALLY VALUABLE PRIZES”.

I have been in Splinterland so long that when I see ”REALLY VALULABLE PRIZES” my heart start to bumping hard. I was in the first crowdsale for Splinterlands for many years ago and we did get really good value for that. I think this is pretty the same.


We can loose the 10 USD that we have paid to put in our contribution to the pool. We can also loose 5 USD more to withdraw it. That is okej for me because what can we get?

  • A part of the trading pool
  • Land (I hope we can get one part)
  • Surprise prizes (I hope we can get one)

Is it worth 15 USD to take that risk? I have calculated with it and YES it is absolutely. But dont go in the pool if you dont understand the risks!

Will be back in 25 days and tell you the outcome of the first 30 days.

This is the position just now..

Dont go to uniswap and dont contribute to the pool. If you are thinking about it – just tell me and I send you a splinterlandccard if you decide not to do it.
Why….Because I want more part of the pool or course 🙂