HODL Investment League

How to Join?

  • Choose the coin or token you think will go up in value next 30 days. It has to be at Kucoin (you can find the most common coins there).
  • Write an article why you choose that coin. It can be a T/A or just a feature that you think is very good with that coin. The article have to be at least 400 words.
  • Post the link to the article as a comment below. Latest 28 in that month.
  • At the first day of the month @minimining will buy your chosen crypto for 2USD each for USD-C.
  • After 30 Days all crypto is sold to USD-C.
  • Most value are the winner!

What to Win?

Different rounds will have different prices.

First round:

The winner get the total profit of all coins. If it is 10 members in the game it will be a investment of 20 USD. If that goes up to 24 USD – The winner gets 4 USD in cash/crypto. AND you will get some upvotes of your post from HODL community.

Someone else want to support with prices?