What is SteemMonsterBounty?

SteemMonsterBounty is a way to get better comments and more interactions in your blog. The idea was created for Steemit but can of course be used at other blogplatform.

How it works?

You can blog about anything but the Bounty is Steemmonstercards so it is better to blog about Steemmonsters. Maybe you blog about your last battle or want some ideas from other players.

It is good to put a question at the end of the blogpost so the readers have something to comment.

“What is your favouritcard and why?”

“Can you help me with strategy?

“What do think of the value? Is it time to sell the cards?”


The Bounty

In the top of the blogpost you put this picture.

That tell the readers that you have a bounty in the post. Or – you can have the picture after the text. The important thing is that you have this text

“This blogpost has a SteemMonsterBounty of 6 SteemmonsterCards. The cards will be distributed to some good comments. SteemMonsterBounty is a idea from @miniminng and more information can be https://www.minimining.se/what-is-steemmonsterbounty/ 

Of course you can have more or less cards.


When you think someone make a special good comment you can send one or more card to that person and also put this picture as a reply.

You can wait some days to see some comments firts before you decide who will get the cards.


·         Fun way to giveaway gifts

·         Get better comments at your blog

·         Just because we love Steemmonsters