Hon lever på kryptovaluta

Det finns mängder av vägar att gå för att tjäna kryptovaluta. En som verkligen lyckats är en vän på blogportalen Steemit som idag ställer upp på en intervju. Fler intervjuer kommer framöver på temat ”Hur tjänar du krypto?”

When did you first get started with crypto? Why?

I started in June 2017. This was due to many friends already blogging on the STEEM blockchain and begging me to jion. When one of those people invested 60K of his own money to start here, this made me jump. He wanted to be a “big fish” at the start. All of the other people I knew here were only getting paid for content.

2. Have that changed your way of living or is it just a hobby?

This is my way of living. As a natural weight loss success story, I have been writing, publishing books, shooting videos, and blogging on the topic since 2011. Coming to STEEM means 90% of my effort goes here. Due to the intricacies of blogging here, I now also post minnow tips to help others succeed on STEEM in addition to my weight loss work.


3. How do you earn crypto today?

I blog on STEEM and get upvotes on my posts that turn into their two coins, STEEM/SBD. I have focused my effort to ensure what I do earns revenue. There are many opportunities for that as well as many ways to post all day and earn nothing.

4. How much do you get in a month?

Approximately 90% of the money I live on comes to me monthly from STEEM. I have a very inexpensive lifestyle in SE Asia. The amount I earn depends upon crypto prices in general and STEEM/SBD prices in particular. $500 USD is what I look for each month and normally I make it.

5. If someone wants to start earn crypto – what is a good first step?

Start blogging on STEEM! Even if you are not a blogger, a daily post of 100-300 words with one photo is enough. Then connect with others who can teach you about other crypto coins. I earn about 30 different coins now with various methods, and all are due to STEEM and skills and knowledge I learned here. Some of the other coins help pay my way; most don’t. But you never know the future and I am so glad to be in this game.

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