Cryptocurrencie gives him food for the day 2/2

I Venezuela har ett ekonomiskt kaos resulterat i att kryptovalutor blivit en del av vardagen. För José Lanz är microinkomster via kryptovalutor ett sätt att livnära sin familj. Vissa månader har inkomsten via krypto till och med varit större än hans 10USD/månadslön som lärare. Detta är del 2 i intervjun med honom kring situationen i Venezuela – Del 1 kan läsas här.

When did you first get in contact with crypto? What keep you intresed in it?

 My first payment was 3 dollars, at that time the salary in Venezuela of a teacher was approximately 7 dollars…

I started at Steemit on 2017-12-29. Two weeks before that day a friend told me: “Lanz I met a page where you get paid for writing and reading

I was curious so I researched on the subject, then made the subscription with a little skepticism There is always the benefit of the doubt in me, it is not easy to believe that you can earn money as well as by writing and even more while living in Venezuela it can be difficult to really believe in that.

I decided to publish after 7 days to see my first payment of 3 dollars, at that time the salary in Venezuela of a teacher was approximately 7 dollars, my wife and I could not believe it, it was much more than what was earned in fifteen days as a salary at the university that was incredible

High payout because high BTC value

Of course one thing in favor was the price of the BTC at that time it was approximately in 20 thousand dollars that also boosted the price of STEEM.(Today is Steem 0,15 USD. In december 2017 about 5 USD)

One of the things that keeps me in steemit is that I do something that I like in fact I still don’t see it as a job, I have met many people in this medium Venezuelans and other countries too.

Helped to buy glasses

I do not deny that I am earning an income, this money that I manage to earn is a lot or it can be little helped me in difficult times.

For example, the month of November last year I took my daughters to the doctor for a few Headaches, then the ophthalmologist, the result was that they sent them glasses.The world fell on me, because those of us who live here in Venezuela know that some glasses are worth GOLD. But through work on Steemit I could buy them, I have a thousand similar stories, that’s why every penny counts to be able to survive in Venezuela.-

How is crypto used in your Country? Can you Buy food for it?

Currently one of the most used crypto in my country is the BTC.  To businesses, however, the use of the crypto Dash is growing and from this I am aware that in many shops in the capital of Venezuela it is accepted and you only need to have a smartphone.

I can comment that recently I read a story which indicates that only in Venezuela an amount above 300 thousand dollars has been handled by commercial exchange only with the steemit currency called STEEM, you can imagine that it was only with steem.

Do you get crypto in Some ways?

In Venezuela, all of us who are still here use these income platforms,

Yes, we do what we can to get some extra money.In Venezuela, all of us who are still here use these income platforms,I use Steemit and get STEEM and SBD and to obtain Bolívares quickly we use or

The form is easy, We transfer the Steem or the Sbd – they transfer the bolivars to our bank accounts, I have taken the calculations and one loses more than 30% in that exchange but I repeat in the middle of the need that urges us is the only thing we can do to be able to have cash to buy food,

What do you Think of crypto and future in your Country?

Despite the government, the future in my country is that it will be very promising for Venezuelans regarding cryptos unless the government tries to block the different pages of these platforms. I do not have an exact figure but I can say that we are very many who obtain resources in one way or another thanks to crypto and there are many platforms that lend themselves to that.

My life has changed thanks to that, and I know that I will be inside as long as necessary but I also wish that the situation in the country changes to improve the quality of life of Venezuelans. It is everyone’s wish.

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