New and Easy way to sell your Grunt to Hive – is it worth it?

My investment in Piggericks and ways to earn money – or just have fun.
Today I took a big step and have now invested 80 USD and Cash-out 280 USD

Today the launched a new feature in the game Piggericks. An easy way to cashout!
I know that a lot of people have waited for this – now you more easy can calculate how much you need to play to get xxx hive.

So now it is two ways to cash out. Which way is best – which way is easiest? I have to try!

IF I want to cash out this pig – how much will I get`?

If I mark the card and click at the Butcher I will have three choices
I can get about 500 000 Grunt
32 HBD

So if you play Piggericks and manage to play a card up to this level and XP – this is what you can get.

At Uniswap

If you have 500 000 Grunt you can buy a ”Withdraw Pig” for 500 000 Grunt. The Grunt will go to your Metamask (or similar wallet). Then you can swap it to any token at Uniswap.
That is 42 USD
But now we have the terrible gas fee. My metamask tells me that in this case it is 30 USD
So – I have 12 USD left.
If I want to send them to Blocktrades and change them to Hive – there is not much left.


The new way – Grunt to Hive in Game

32 HBD is less then 42 USD – Yes I know. SO if you wait for a very low Gas-price you can manage to get more in the ETH-way. But for me – The hive way seems to be

  • Easier
  • Better
  • More money to my Hive wallet

I have waited for this day. The day when my other account ( I have two at Piggericks) is able to withdraw and it is worth to invest the 30 USD to make it possible.

YOU NEED to spend at least 30 USD in game to be able to send or kill your pigs. When you convert the pigs to Hive it is a way to kill them.
So this is what I did.


This is almost a zero-game. I invest 30 USD and get 30 back by killing ONE pig. But from now – every killed pig is ”money” for me.

Butcher has a limit
The butcher has a limit of HBD and HIVE to pay. If the butcher dont have money – you will get your pigs back. You can check his wallet here

The third way -Discord

When it is easy to withdraw I think there are some players that want to buy really good pigs to level up them and then get money from them. SO maybe this is the point when market of pigs will grow. Maybe I could sold my level6 pigs for much more in the open market. Maybe…
But with this opportunity it is easy to get it sold
Feels in some way like ”burn your card for DEC” in Splinterland. You can burn for lower amount then sell in market – but it is extremly easy.

My Investment in Piggericks

Last blogpost I told you that I make a HUGE step.
I have earned total 100 USD with an investment at 50 USD.

So what has happen since then?

  1. Payed more 30 USD
  2. Killed a pig and get 30 USD back
  3. I have killed some more pigs today
  4. EDIT – and swap some Grunt (did get 40 USD)

Money So far

Before today
IN 100 USD

Out 30
In 180 HBD/USD
In grunt 40 USD

IN 320 USD

  • 240 USD so far

What ? Are you cashing out?

Nope! The value of Grunt will not go to moon. You can always buy pigs with HBD/HIVE so there is a limit of the value of Grunt up. AND there is also a limit of the value of the pigs down – because of this killing system.
SO- I think the best way is to have a couple of good pigs in every level and play with them. I have no time to play with 10 level 4 pigs or 9 level 5 pigs. So I sell some of them

Remember -You can only kill pigs from level 4. So – Now I am going for to level up my piggies at level 3 to 4. Will I kill them and take the money or try to reach level 5? We will see.

Follow – Upvoe – Rehive
I invested 50 USD to this game in the beginning. So will I loose the money or will the pigs make me a millionaire? Follow me and I will tell you my steps in this game in my blog.

Follow – Upvoe – Rehive
I invested 50 USD to this game in the beginning. So will I loose the money or will the pigs make me a millionaire? Follow me and I will tell you my steps in this game in my blog.


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