Making money – Buy spending money. The big cashbacksystem


I have no money to invest… I always has empty pockets two days before I get my next salury…

I am sure that you have heard this before. If you cant invest – try to make money by spending money – and then invest. Sounds weird but the world economy is weird….

High rate – with consumption and bonus

To get 120 USD in one year you need to invest 1200 USD-C at Celsius. Or – just buy things with your card.
We have a free creditcard that gives us 1 % back. If we pay 1000 USD with the card every 30 days that will give us 120USD back in a year.
But I can get even better. With Plutus you can get 3 % back in the token PLU. If we pay 1000 USD in 30 days we will get 360 USD in a year. But we have to pay 5USD every month so keep 300 USD.

Just now I can not invest 3000 USD in Celsius to get 300USD/year. But I can order a card and just use it, and let my wife use it, in ordinary day.

Use creditcard to make invest?

I have 45 days without rate at my creditcard. It is possible to pay 2000 USD and then pay it back about 30 days later without any fee or rate. So – about a year ago I was reading about a man that use this perfect. I will try it out in smaller way soon.
If I buy USD-C I can get 10 %/year at Celsius. That is 2000/10/12 = 16 USD in 30 days. I really want to try this some day. Pay with my creditcard (maybe I can get the bonus too) and then withdraw and pay back after 30 days.

Three steps and I get money – to pay my bills with bonus

I have already realize that I can get bonus – to pay my bills.

I can refill my Revoutcard with my creditcard. That will be counted as a payment and I get 1 % as a bonus. I can now choose to withdraw to my bank account – and pay back to my creditcard. I am 1 % of example 1000 USD richer. I wonder how many times I can do it before they stop me…
Or I can pay my bills with 1 % bonus. That will give me som hundred dollars more every year.

Anyway – Investing is very important but spending wisely is also important. Don’t buy more than you need – and if you buy it, do it with bonus.

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